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In 2015 we heard that there will be a musical about the life of Tina Turner, approved by Tina Turner herself. What a fantastic news! I will put online all news that we get about this fantastic event.
Everything else on our Tina Turner Online Blog here.
We begin with the latest news.

14 Sept. 2017

Booking Tickets for Tina the Musical

You can book your priority tickets here.
Normal tickets go on sale at the 22nd of Sept. 2017.
The musical will be in the Aldwych Theatre in London, UK from the 21st of March 2018 until the 15th of Dec. 2018.
The première will be at the 17th of April 2018.
Prices are between 10 and 95 British pounds.
More info here. And seating plan here.
These are the dates for now:

21-24 March 2017
28-31 March 2017
5-7 April 2017
9-16 April 2017
18-21 April 2017
23-28 April 2017
30 April 2017
1-5 May 2017
7-12 May 2017
14-19 May 2017
21-26 May 2017
28-31 May 2017
1-2 June 2017
4-9 June 2017
11-16 June 2017

11 Aug. 2017
And here is the first Artwork of Tina the Musical. It looks great!

Artwork Tina Turner - the Musical

7 Aug. 2017
The development of the musical is now in full swing, and as we head into the summer we have lots of exclusive updates to share with you.
Our Director Phyllida Lloyd recently met with Tina to discuss bringing the musical to stage – see the below exclusive image just for you! – and work on our official website is almost complete!

Tina Turner and Director Phyllida Lloyd

If that wasn’t enough, we have an exclusive preview of our official TINA Musical artwork coming for you VERY soon. Sneak peek for you below!


Tina Turner - The Musical - Artwork


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