1984 – Private Dancer Album EP Promo

After Tina’s success in 1983 with Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, Tina was recognised again by the record label. Tina’s manager Roger Davies was very persistent to get Tina back in the spotlight again and there was also the great help from Tina’s long time friend David Bowie. In the spring of 1984 Tina recorded the "Private Dancer" Album in just a week. It was the biggest comeback of all times and the record sold like hot cakes.

Before the singles and albums were released, record producers and managers send the new material to disc jockeys and radio stations. These records and tapes are called promotional records. The name says it all. These records represents the new material of the particular artist. In this case it was a 4 track EP record of Tina’s "Private Dancer" Album.

When radio stations received Tina’s new material they knew Tina’s new songs would hit big in the charts. Tina received a lot of attention and airplay for her new material. Here’s the tracklist of this particular Promo EP.

Side A
1. I Might Have Been Queen (4.08 min.)
2. Better be Good To Me (5.14 min.)

Side B
1. Steel Claw (3.48 min.)
2. Private Dancer (7.16 min.)

Although Tina wrote the song "I Might Have Been Queen", she never got the credits for it. Tina wrote the song about herself and her belief of being the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut in a previous life. This Queen had a rough life before she became Queen. This song reflects the story after Tina’s struggle with the past in the life she was living now, until the moment Tina became Queen again. This time of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Tina was very emotional about this song and performed it live during her tours in 1984 and 1985.


"Better Be Good To Me" was a cover from the band Spider. Holly Knight wrote the song and performed it in time with the band Spider. Although it was a minor success for them, Holly became excited when Tina wanted to record the song. It became a huge hit and received a Grammy. Tina performed it many times in TV Shows and it never left the setlist in her world tours since 1984.


"Steel Claw" is also a cover song and was written by Paul Brady. Tina recorded it in 1984, but performed the song live since the early 80’s. The song is an up-tempo rock socio-political song with critiques against the politicians in favour of the common people.



"Private Dancer" is a song written by Mark Knopfler from the Dire Straits. The song was originally included on their "Love Over Gold" Album but when the instrumental track was recorded without the adding of vocals, Mark decided that this song was not suitable for a male voice. The track was left out of the final mix for their new album.
When Roger Davies called the management of Dire Straits in 1984 for left over songs they only came up with "Steel Claw". The management told Roger that they didn’t have any other left over songs from the Dire Straits. However Mark Knopfler was a very busy writer and remembered that they had one left over track from their new album which he thought it should be performed by a female singer. Of course the title of the song was "Private Dancer". Mark arranged a new mixed demo for the song and sent it over to Tina. She really liked the song and decided to record it. Eventually it became the title for the album and it told the world that Tina was back.
The song is song about a dancer , who could be a classical dancer, stripper or even a prostitute who considers herself as a private dancer for money. She gives us a piece of her mind and her loneliness and emptiness inside. That even she has feelings and dreams to look forward too.


This EP Promo is really an item for us Tina Collectors. It represents the journey of The Queen’s comeback. A valuable item for your collection. It can be found on record fairs and online auction sites like Ebay.

Released: 1984
Genre: Soul, Pop , Rock
Label: Capitol
Tracks: I Might Have Been Queen, Better Be Good To Me, Steel Claw, Private Dancer
"I Might Have Been Queen" – Jeanette Obstoj, Rupert Hine, Jamie West Oram and Tina Turner
"Better Be Good To Me" – Holly Knight and Mike Chapman
"Steel Claw" – Paul Brady
"Private Dancer" – Mark Knopfler
Producer: Rupert Hine, Carter
Catalogue Number: SPRO- 9140


Source: Wikipedia and Discogs

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